Castor Oil and Long Eyelashes | Secret to Lash Growth

Castor oil and Long eyelashes

I am feeling silly about writing this blog. There are so many big things happening on this planet, and I am talking about eyelashes & castor oil? But I would say you guys frequently ask me about my eyelashes?

The reason behind writing this article is because I have noticed a lot of girls paying big bucks to get fake lashes or use fancy eye serums. No doubt, a lot of those serums work. But when I see the ingredients list, it just freaks me out.

Seems weird, but I really don’t feel like bothering my eyeballs with such synthetic chemicals.

Still, every girl in this world would prefer having long and thick eyelashes. That’s why I want to get this done in an easy and natural way.

The surprise is out of the bag; Castor oil is the best to get long eyelashes naturally.

So, today we’re going to dive into exactly how castor oil works best.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor Oil is the vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the castor plant.  Originally, it was found in India and Africa. The color of castor oil probably is yellow, pale or black, depending on the processing method.

Since decades, this magical liquid has been utilized to heal burns, cuts, and wounds. Also identified as miracle oil, it is famous for its antibacterial and inflammatory properties as well.

Castor oil and Long eyelashes

How does it work?

Applying this incredible oil to eyebrows and eyelashes helps in growing like crazy. The oil is rich in nutrients; therefore, it creates a perfect environment for hair growth.

And what’s more? It protects the skin from environmental toxins. Moreover, fatty acids in castor oil help in healing and reducing inflammation.

Buy Good Quality Castor Oil

The best thing about the oil is even the nicest quality would be cheap.  Personally, I got a huge amount of castor oil from an online store. But, they are available at any grocery store nearby you.

Put it on, use a clean brush

Castor oil is incredibly messy and difficult to apply or remove. Due to its thick consistency, apply using a spoolie brush.

Use an old spoolie brush and wash it thoroughly.  Then, put a minute drop of oil on the clean spoolie and brush it on the lash line perfectly.

As the oil will take your makeup off, I would suggest you apply before bedtime. Leave it overnight and apply every day. Make sure you put it on the lash line, not on lashes.

Be patient

This is the toughest part. When I got my hands on it, I think I began to see a difference after one or two weeks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.  It’s not a quick fix. In short, you have to keep doing it to have beautiful long eyelashes.

Feel free to rub it on other body parts

A number of sites recommend using the oil on hair roots to promote hair growth. And yes, this totally works. Originally, I thought this is silly but since it worked so well on my face and hair as well.

Most of the sites recommend leaving it for the whole night. I just can’t smell like a salad. That’s why I usually apply for one or half an hour. Trust me, it works marvelously.

Does it really work?

Many people find this magical oil unbeaten for eyelashes and eyebrows growth. It provides nourishment and strengthens hair naturally. Therefore, make an effort to apply castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashes; see if it makes you look photo-ready.



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